A touch of Luna-cy: Announcement for the next update

Hey there, fellow trainers!

We hope you’re having a blast with the current game update. We’ve been thrilled to see your passion and enthusiasm for the game grow with each new release. Now, let’s talk about the next update – it’s going to be all about Luna!

No, not the moon; we’re talking about our beloved ditz, Luna Lovegood. She’s getting a lot of attention in the upcoming update, and we look forward to seeing how you’ll interact with her in the game. We don’t want to over-hype the update, but trust us, it’s going to be a treat. We will share more details when the time is right.

Speaking of interaction, we have decided to lend a hand to the modding community, and we’ve created new Wiki and FAQ pages. These pages serve as both documentation for the project, and as a valuable resource for both modders and players, looking to create their own unique additions or just have their questions answered. We love it when things get steamy with mods! So, if you are a modder, or a player with questions, we want your feedback and assistance in expanding our Wiki and FAQ. You can find both the FAQ and Wiki right on the navigation bar.

In other news, we’ll be resuming our developer blog posts starting next week, with the next post scheduled for August 10th. We can hardly wait to share more behind-the-scenes insights with you.

And last but not least, we know you’re itching for some sneak peeks. As soon as we have some exciting content to show off, we’ll be sure to post some teasers. We wouldn’t leave you hanging, after all!

Stay tuned for more and, of course, expect some cheeky surprises along the way. πŸ˜‰

See you on the flip side!

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.45.3

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the latest update! We’ve been working on addressing some pesky bugs, and it took us a few days to smooth everything out, but we got there in the end! Here are a few mentions of what the new patch brings:

  • Tonks hangouts are now fixed, and we’ve resolved the issues with the new multithreading solution.
  • Introducing a new toggle for autosaves, allowing you to turn them off.
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes.

Additionally, we’ve introduced some changes to our updater server to ensure it functions flawlessly from now on. However, there’s a small hiccup with the in-game updater that requires a manual input fix. Don’t worry; it’s a straightforward process, and will have to be done only once. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. While in the main menu, press SHIFT+O to open the console.
  2. Enter the following two commands one by one and confirm each with the enter key:
def version_logo(): return Null()

This will initiate the updater and allow you to proceed with the update directly, without the need to download it from the website. The best part is that the update sizes will be smaller, as only the parts that have changed will be downloaded, so it saves us both some bandwidth. If you don’t want to use the updater, you can always grab the full package from our website.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

By the way, we’re excited to let you know that we’ll be resuming our dev blogs very soon, and we’ll be making an announcement regarding the contents of the next big update. We want to keep things transparent and share our progress with you all. So stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes insights and other fun stuff!

Thank you for your continued support, and see you all soon. 🫑

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.45.2

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some news to share with you today! The Android version of the game is finally being released as we speak. Now you can enjoy the game on your Android devices without having to carry a computer around.

But that’s not all. We’ve been working hard to further improve the performance of the game on both PC and Android devices. Thanks to the implementation of some fancy programming tricks, the game now runs smoother than ever before.

We’ve added multithreading, which basically means the game can now use multiple “threads” to do different tasks at the same time. This helps speed things up and makes your gameplay experience much more responsive, especially on mobile devices.

We’ve also included memoization, which is a fancy word for remembering things. The game now remembers certain calculations it has already done, so it doesn’t have to do them again and again. This saves processing power and makes the game run faster.

Lazyloading is another cool feature we’ve added. It’s like being lazy but in a good way! We now load things in the game only when they’re needed, instead of loading everything at once. This helps avoid those annoying delays when the game stops for a moment to load something, keeping the action flowing smoothly.

Oh, and speaking of smoothness, we’ve fixed all the bugs that were reported by our awesome community. We’ve gone through each and every one of them and made sure they won’t bother you any more, but in case we missed something, please report it to us on the discord, and we’ll handle it.

This new patch is save compatible with the previous version of the game (1.45.1), so you won’t lose any progress. You can simply update to the latest version (1.45.2) and continue your journey exactly where you left off.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these improvements. Your feedback and support have been invaluable, and we’re committed to making the game the absolute best it can be. So grab your Android device or fire up your PC, update the game, and get ready for some sexy time, but better!

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy gaming!

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.45.1

Ladies, gentlemen, and all those in-between, the moment you’ve all been eagerly awaiting has arrived. We are delighted to announce that the works have finally been completed, and update 1.45.1 is currently being released!

This update has taken us a solid 6 months to finish and has paved the way for future updates, enabling us to work more efficiently and swiftly. The full changelog will be posted in the coming days as the list of changes is quite substantial, so please allow us a day or two to go through it.

A few noteworthy changes include:

  • Cho’s storyline now extends beyond the quidditch phase and incorporates several CG scenes, some of which we’ve previously teased on Patreon over the past few months.
  • A complete overhaul of the modding tools and APIs, making modding simpler and more accessible to a wider range of people, even those with limited programming knowledge.
  • The game’s performance issues have been resolved, so it should no longer experience any hanging or stuttering.
  • The game’s Engine has been updated to Ren’py version 8.1 and Python 3, which has also undergone a significant revamp, enhancing performance and compatibility. Additionally, it boasts improved built-in methods and introduces new functionality.
  • The events system has been completely rewritten with modding support.
  • Hermione’s content has received a bunch of enhanced dialogue and improvements.

In general, the game should now be significantly more stable, perform better, and experience fewer glitches. Additionally, the new story additions should add more spiciness to the game everyone has been hoping for.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this update. While we eagerly await your feedback and any bug reports you may have, we immediately begin working on the next update. Wishing you a happy 4th of July!

P.S. The Android release is getting delayed to a future date because it’s still not fully prepared.
P.P.S You can find the full, uncensored update image on patreon. πŸ˜‰

Devblog #6 – Hot Stuff

Hello, Johnny here with another devblog.

Things have been hot here, with the summer heat and also due to the work I’m currently doing. This will be another shorter post, as we’re really busy, but I’ll do my best to make it worth your while.
Since my last devblog post, I’ve finished the improvements to Hermione’s writing and event checks. There are quite a few things I want to talk about in detail, including future ideas, but that will have to wait until my next post as it will be heavy in both words and spoilers.

For now, I’d like to tell you a few things that won’t reveal too much. I’ve added new randomized chit-chats, based on things like if Hermione is clothed or naked, or event statuses, as well as adding checks for existing chit-chats. In addition, I’ve added more writing variants, depending on the order you play certain favours on later tiers. For example, having her give you a blowjob before or after titjob. When you cum in different places for the first time, she will now also react properly.

I was delighted to see the response to the recent clothing teasers that we have released for Cho, and I’m excited to share that a couple of the less revealing ones will be included in her outfit schedule as well. So from now on, you’ll be seeing some variation, right after her introduction.

As of the time of writing, I am currently engaged in the process of posing Cho CGs. It’s going very well, and I’m happy with how they’re turning out. I’m not going into any more detail about the specifics here, of course, you’ll have to wait until it’s released, which should happen very soon. As long as you promise to eat your vegetables.

That’s it for the development portion of this week’s post, and I’ll end it by wishing you all a good day.

Since the steam sale is coming up, I thought I’d ask if you guys have any recommendations for games I should play once we’ve released the upcoming update. I mostly play story-based indie games, but I am looking for some more classic 2D top-down or side-scrolling RPG’s. I very much enjoyed Wandersong and Crosscode for example, but I don’t mind turn-based as long as it has a good story and some twist when it comes to mechanics.

I hope to finally pick up Hogwarts Legacy if it goes on sale, but I’m also looking for games where you can jump in and play for an hour or so, since I’m often too busy with work to dive into more attentive games.

Devblog #5 – Edging Towards the Release Horizon


Guess what time of the month it is? Nope, not that time! It’s time for another devblog, woohoo! Hope my last entry didn’t put you into a coma. Don’t worry, this one will be short and sweet, I promise.

So, as you already know, we’ve rolled out a pre-release update for you cool beans to help us squash those pesky bugs, while we continue adding all the juicy stuff we planned for this update. Gotta say, I was expecting a ton more issues to be reported. Either our hard work paid off, or you lot are just being sneaky and not telling us everything. Time will tell, I suppose. πŸ˜…

Speaking of adding content, the recently teased Cho CG has been implemented, and I’m currently putting the finishing touches on yet another Cho CG that has not been teased yet. It’s been a nice change of pace from dealing with all the technical stuff and fixing bugs. We might post another preview, or two, before the final release to make the wait time more bearable.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “When the heck are they gonna release this update?!” Trust me, I’m wondering the same thing! πŸ˜„ But hey, no worries. I just need to implement two more scenes and tackle a couple of bugs, and then we can start wrapping things up. It should be much quicker since all the back-end changes are already finished. And guess what? Johnny has gone bonkers with Hermione content again. There’ll be loads of new stuff to explore throughout the entire game. Cool, right?

While Johnny and I are knee-deep in the current shenanigans, Boppin is already cracking on with the next update. Talk about being ahead of the game! By the time we wrap up this one, we’ll have a treasure trove of artwork to dive into. All you Luna fans out there better get ready to party, ’cause there’s gonna be some serious Luna love coming your way.

And there you have it, folks! We’ve reached the end of this week’s devblog. Nice and snappy, just like I promised. See, I can totally deliver on my word!

Until next time, stay awesome!

Devblog #4 – Am I testing the game, or is the game testing me?

Sup y’all, it’s me, it’s your boy Asmon– I mean, Johnny here with another devblog.

Things have been busy for us as we’ve just put out a couple of pre-releases of the upcoming version of Witch Trainer Silver. As of me writing this post, we’re working hard on ironing out any remaining issues you guys have found, doing QA, and adding the remainder of the content for the full release. If you’re one of the people who have been reporting bugs or feedback, thank you very much.

Since my last devblog post, I’ve been busy, adding new clothing for Cho, proofreading, writing, and reposing some events which used deprecated code.

In terms of clothing, I’m currently implementing items for Cho default clothing schedule, much like we’ve done for Hermione. We went for a more casual “Muggle” style look, and we’re pleased with the results, and hope you think the same. Some lewder pieces are, of course, being added as well.

I’ve also taken the time to run the entire game through a tool that we use called “LanguageTool”. I highly recommend using it if you’re a writer, as I’ve been using it for the past year or so. I probably spent over 24 hours at least, manually going each file, and although it’s been a mind-numbing task, the results have made it worth the effort.

Furthermore, I’ve also been going through one of Hermione’s shaming events and improving it. You know, the one where Hermione has to wear a sticky substance all day… And I’d like to move it into the “Public requests” menu for tier 5 and 6. That way, the player won’t easily miss the lower level variants. I’m uncertain if it will make it into the next release since Cho content is priority, but at least it’s coming in the future. If you read my last devblog, I also mentioned going through and touching up her other event dialogue. I’m taking my time, but as of writing this post, I’ve finished Tier 1-4, and also some side events such as the forest scene.

That’s about it when it comes to work. So, now it’s time for me to be self-indulgent and ramble for a bit. Sorry in advance.

Since Quidditch has been on my mind recently. I was, again, thinking about how silly of a sport it really is. Specifically, how the main part of the game barely even matters in the end, since catching the snitch is worth so many points. I mean, how fun is that for the audience? It would be like a game of football, but there are two players in the middle of the field that you can barely see, playing chess. You’re also allowed to use different brooms, so it’s all just pay to win! It’d be as if, in the real world, you were allowed to use different types of cars in a race!

That said, I still think Quidditch is quite fun, and a three-dimensional sport is certainly unique. For us, it certainly provided some pretty unique angles.

Anyway, time for me to jump back into the game-dev realm. I hope you think twice before letting me out next, as I’ll surely just end up going on another rant. Also, thanks again to those who have helped with testing this week.

Speak to you all soon.