Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.46.0

At long last, after an arduous wait that seemed to stretch on for eons, the moment has arrived – the latest update is live and ready for your perusal. Prepare to dive headfirst into the enigmatic World of Wrackspurt, or WoW for short, as we unveil this Luna-themed expansion. Get ready to feast your eyes upon a collection of alluring hand-drawn CGs as her narrative unfurls, revealing an array of outlandish tactics to combat those bothersome spratters.

The question lingers: what manner of methods await you within? Alas, dear player, you shall have to find out for yourselves, as Miss Luna appears mute at present due to her mouth being too busy. How intriguing…

In addition to progressing Luna’s storyline, Mafkin’s boutique now flaunts a trove of new attire for your delectation. Whispers abound of a rubbery ensemble and something decidedly flashy. Indulge in these fashionable additions as you see fit.

Moreover, we’ve bestowed Hermione with a refurbished assortment of cummmy and slutty escapades. You will be able to experience all events in a single sitting. As the great Merlin would have it.

So, cast off your garments and plunge into your wizardly pursuits; there’s no time like the present to immerse yourself with our favourite blonde.

For a comprehensive rundown of all changes, kindly consult our changelog. As always, you can download the latest version of the game from our download page.

If you enjoy the content, and would like to support us, you can do it on Patreon, and the recently opened SubscribeStar, or if you simply want to chat with us, join our discord!

Happy gaming! 🫑

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.45.3

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the latest update! We’ve been working on addressing some pesky bugs, and it took us a few days to smooth everything out, but we got there in the end! Here are a few mentions of what the new patch brings:

  • Tonks hangouts are now fixed, and we’ve resolved the issues with the new multithreading solution.
  • Introducing a new toggle for autosaves, allowing you to turn them off.
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes.

Additionally, we’ve introduced some changes to our updater server to ensure it functions flawlessly from now on. However, there’s a small hiccup with the in-game updater that requires a manual input fix. Don’t worry; it’s a straightforward process, and will have to be done only once. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. While in the main menu, press SHIFT+O to open the console.
  2. Enter the following two commands one by one and confirm each with the enter key:
def version_logo(): return Null()

This will initiate the updater and allow you to proceed with the update directly, without the need to download it from the website. The best part is that the update sizes will be smaller, as only the parts that have changed will be downloaded, so it saves us both some bandwidth. If you don’t want to use the updater, you can always grab the full package from our website.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

By the way, we’re excited to let you know that we’ll be resuming our dev blogs very soon, and we’ll be making an announcement regarding the contents of the next big update. We want to keep things transparent and share our progress with you all. So stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes insights and other fun stuff!

Thank you for your continued support, and see you all soon. 🫑

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.45.2

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some news to share with you today! The Android version of the game is finally being released as we speak. Now you can enjoy the game on your Android devices without having to carry a computer around.

But that’s not all. We’ve been working hard to further improve the performance of the game on both PC and Android devices. Thanks to the implementation of some fancy programming tricks, the game now runs smoother than ever before.

We’ve added multithreading, which basically means the game can now use multiple “threads” to do different tasks at the same time. This helps speed things up and makes your gameplay experience much more responsive, especially on mobile devices.

We’ve also included memoization, which is a fancy word for remembering things. The game now remembers certain calculations it has already done, so it doesn’t have to do them again and again. This saves processing power and makes the game run faster.

Lazyloading is another cool feature we’ve added. It’s like being lazy but in a good way! We now load things in the game only when they’re needed, instead of loading everything at once. This helps avoid those annoying delays when the game stops for a moment to load something, keeping the action flowing smoothly.

Oh, and speaking of smoothness, we’ve fixed all the bugs that were reported by our awesome community. We’ve gone through each and every one of them and made sure they won’t bother you any more, but in case we missed something, please report it to us on the discord, and we’ll handle it.

This new patch is save compatible with the previous version of the game (1.45.1), so you won’t lose any progress. You can simply update to the latest version (1.45.2) and continue your journey exactly where you left off.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these improvements. Your feedback and support have been invaluable, and we’re committed to making the game the absolute best it can be. So grab your Android device or fire up your PC, update the game, and get ready for some sexy time, but better!

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy gaming!

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.45.1

Ladies, gentlemen, and all those in-between, the moment you’ve all been eagerly awaiting has arrived. We are delighted to announce that the works have finally been completed, and update 1.45.1 is currently being released!

This update has taken us a solid 6 months to finish and has paved the way for future updates, enabling us to work more efficiently and swiftly. The full changelog will be posted in the coming days as the list of changes is quite substantial, so please allow us a day or two to go through it.

A few noteworthy changes include:

  • Cho’s storyline now extends beyond the quidditch phase and incorporates several CG scenes, some of which we’ve previously teased on Patreon over the past few months.
  • A complete overhaul of the modding tools and APIs, making modding simpler and more accessible to a wider range of people, even those with limited programming knowledge.
  • The game’s performance issues have been resolved, so it should no longer experience any hanging or stuttering.
  • The game’s Engine has been updated to Ren’py version 8.1 and Python 3, which has also undergone a significant revamp, enhancing performance and compatibility. Additionally, it boasts improved built-in methods and introduces new functionality.
  • The events system has been completely rewritten with modding support.
  • Hermione’s content has received a bunch of enhanced dialogue and improvements.

In general, the game should now be significantly more stable, perform better, and experience fewer glitches. Additionally, the new story additions should add more spiciness to the game everyone has been hoping for.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this update. While we eagerly await your feedback and any bug reports you may have, we immediately begin working on the next update. Wishing you a happy 4th of July!

P.S. The Android release is getting delayed to a future date because it’s still not fully prepared.
P.P.S You can find the full, uncensored update image on patreon. πŸ˜‰

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.45.0 (Pre-release)

Hello everyone!

As previously announced in the latest devblog post, today we will be releasing the test version of the upcoming 1.45 release. We’re looking to get as much feedback as we can across different devices because the changes to port the game to Python 3 are big and the Ren’py engine version 8.1 is also in its pre-release stage.

If you’re interested in assisting us during the testing phase, then you can find the pre-release version of the game on the download page, along with some additional information. We ask that you report any issues to us on our Discord if you encounter them. During the pre-release period, the team will continue working on quality assurance, implementing the remaining content, and addressing any issues reported. As previously mentioned, we plan to release updates in quick succession, so please be on the lookout for any new version we might post. Changelogs will be updated once we are out of the woods.

We will make another announcement as soon as both the game, and Ren’py engine are stable enough and ready to be released to the public.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who decides to allow us some of their time to assist us during this final testing phase. We can’t and don’t collect any technical data automatically, so your feedback is of great help.

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.44.2 + Hotfix

Season’s greetings! πŸŽ…

Christmas returns to Hogwarts once more in this holiday-themed update.

The update includes a short mirror story starring Genie, Hermione, Cho, Luna, and a mysterious ghost? Spirit? A Christmas spirit! Yes, that’s it!

Finishing the story will reward you with new outfits and office decorations featured in it. And if I were you, I’d take a closer look at that list on the wall.

Along with the Holiday themed items, you will also find a whole slew sleigh full of new clothing sets for the three girls in the store.

Silver Studio Games wishes everyone a nice holiday season, and a prosperous new year.

And as always, for a complete list of changes, please refer to the changelog.

Happy holidays!

A few words regarding save compatibility; Please save the game inside the main office, without any other characters present, before updating to ensure that your saves remain compatible.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the changelog

Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.44.0

Pick up your Box-o-fun from the Weasley store today, and see what kind of lucky pull Hermione will find within. Let her test her limits, and find out if she can truly handle everything you’ve got in store for her.

Have her stand in front of your desk as you push her buttons, or put that naughty witch on full display on top of your desk and tease her to your heart’s content.

Send her out onto the Hogwarts grounds and decide whether you want to take control of her destiny or let her fulfil it on her own. Will she experience regret, lust, or will she burst into an ecstatic rage in front of everyone? Well, that’s for you to decide!

The new event chain consists of a multitude of new events with alternative writing for various stages of your relationship, including hand-drawn artwork, and has fourteen different endings total, marking it as the biggest event to date. Can you find them all?

Enjoy two expanded public requests for early Hermione favours with new writing and CG scenes, one featuring a lecherous Professor Flitwick and the other a perplexed Hufflepuff Student.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the changelog linked down below.

A few words regarding save compatibility; Please save the game inside the main office, without any other characters present, before updating to ensure that your saves remain compatible.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the changelog.