Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.45.0 (Pre-release)

Hello everyone!

As previously announced in the latest devblog post, today we will be releasing the test version of the upcoming 1.45 release. We’re looking to get as much feedback as we can across different devices because the changes to port the game to Python 3 are big and the Ren’py engine version 8.1 is also in its pre-release stage.

If you’re interested in assisting us during the testing phase, then you can find the pre-release version of the game on the download page, along with some additional information. We ask that you report any issues to us on our Discord if you encounter them. During the pre-release period, the team will continue working on quality assurance, implementing the remaining content, and addressing any issues reported. As previously mentioned, we plan to release updates in quick succession, so please be on the lookout for any new version we might post. Changelogs will be updated once we are out of the woods.

We will make another announcement as soon as both the game, and Ren’py engine are stable enough and ready to be released to the public.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who decides to allow us some of their time to assist us during this final testing phase. We can’t and don’t collect any technical data automatically, so your feedback is of great help.