1.45.0 – Update

To be done.

1.44.4 – Patch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Genie flashing his goods in stats menu.
  • Fixed lipstick causing a crash in saved outfits due to missing zlayers function.
  • Fixed debug print spam.

1.44.3 – Patch (Hotfix)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed zlayers incompatibility with old saves.

1.44.2 – Patch ☃️


  • Added new Christmas-themed decorations 🪞:
    • Santa’s naughty list poster:
      • Interact with the poster to see who’s currently the naughtiest person at Hogwarts.
    • Ceiling garland.
    • A window view of Santa’s sleigh.

Writing & Storytelling

  • Added a new Mirror Story – ‘Genie’s Christmas Wish’ with special rewards (Outfits and decorations).


  • Added Reindeer Outfit.🪞
  • Added New Bunny-Girl Outfit items.


  • Added Reindeer Outfit.🪞
  • Added Bunny-Girl Outfit.


  • Added Reindeer Outfit.🪞
  • Added Bunny-Girl Outfit.


  • Added Santa Outfit.🪞


  • Added Santa costume for Holiday themed mirror stories.🤐

Improvements & QoL

  • Proofread some older mirror stories during testing, cringed, and then improved the writing (Mainly “A bad time to disrobe”).
  • Tweaked Hermione “squirting” art for consistency.
  • Minor writing fixes.
  • Improved poster enlarging.
  • Refactored “Santa” speaker to utilize a single `gen` speaker and applied the change to all affected events.
  • Improved base Genie model, the default robes outfit and image creation code.
  • Implemented z-order control for specific clothing layers
  • Fixed Tonks’ missing shading on Tonks’ “normal” breasts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing vibrator sound during one branch of Hermione’s Public vibrator event.
  • Defined doll position in all mirror stories to ensure correct positioning.
  • Adjusted doll flip/positioning on “A booty at sea” mirror story.
  • Removed Cum layers from “A booty at sea” mirror story, as the position didn’t reflect the writing.
  • Fixed code logic for Hermione’s gift items.
  • Fixed decoration menu page swap arrow position.
  • Fixed room and title screen animations restarting with every interaction.

🪞 – Unlockable through the new mirror story only.

🤐 – Available through cheat menu only.

1.44.1 – Patch


  • Added new animation layers for the masturbate sections of “Dance for me” favour.


  • Added a ‘skip interaction’ menu option to the vibrator event for when the player does not wish to proceed just yet, or just wants to see if she agrees to it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistency for certain layers during new vibrator events.
  • Fixed Hermione’s butt plug repeatable events.
  • Fixed Genie expression crashing during “Flirt with teachers!” public favour.
  • Fixed Tonks’ nicknames soft-crashing to main menu.

1.44.0 – Update

Writing & Storytelling

  • Added purchasable “Box-o-fun” gift item to the item store.
  • Added new madam Mafkin chit-chats for new outfits.
  • Added new wardrobe chit-chats for new outfits.
  • Added fan-made mirror story “Blueballing Bad” by NotTera.


  • Added new gift item event chain for Hermione consisting of multiple paths, endings and variations, with modular dialogue tied to character states, and writing variation for repeatable events:
    • Generic:
      • 2 Fail events
    • Personal Path:
      • Low tier: 4 endings, including doll scenes.
      • High tier: 3 endings, including CG scenes.
    • Public Path:
      • Low tier: 1 ending, including doll scenes.
      • High tier: 6 endings, including CG scenes.
  • Added CG scenes and writing to the following public favours:
    • “Flirt with teachers!”:
      • Professor Flitwick perving during class.
    • “Flash your tits!”:
      • Flashing breasts to a Hufflepuff student.
  • Added Vibrator Outfit (Unlocked through Box-o-fun event chain)
  • Added miscellaneous clothing items:
    • Tie between breasts. 🪞
    • “Better call Genie” tattoo. 🪞
  • Added new doll layers:
    • Wet, wearing vibrator in panties.
    • Wet, wearing panties only.
    • Wet, wearing vibrators.
    • Squirting, wearing vibrators.
    • Post-squirt, wearing vibrators.


  • Added Mechanic Outfit.
  • Added Businesswoman Outfit
  • Improved Auror Outfit:
    • Replaced choker with a new one.
    • Partially redrawn the coat, fixing visual inconsistencies.
  • Added Nicknames for:
    • Genie:
      • Lover.
    • Tonks:
      • Slut.
      • Whore.
      • Slave.


  • Added school robes.

Quality of Life

  • Changed Tonks Lady D. Dress category from other to dresses.


  • Added list support for the Doll equip function.
  • Added colour temperature shader.
  • Added return stack fix function.
  • Refactored history screen:
    • Improved styling.
    • Improved performance.
  • Refactored Xray displayable:
    • Added support for image references, including LayeredImage and LayeredImageProxy.
    • Added the ability to use show statements as a proxy for Xray displayables.
    • Optimized code for better performance.
  • Removed itertools dependency.
  • Removed redundant load fix functions.
  • Updated the engine to version 7.5.3
  • Partial conversion of the codebase to be Python 3 compliant.


  • Added new sound effects:
    • Vibrator sound loops.
    • Drop item.
    • Generic click.
    • “Sunny day” ambient loop.
  • Added new audio channel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Quidditch Quarrel hangout event still being played after the quidditch matches in some instances.
  • Fixed Doll Cloth instance additional layers ignoring their assigned number layer.
  • Fixed expression editor crash caused by pickling the unpickleable. 🥒
  • Fixed expression editor trying to catch nodes during init phase.
  • Fixed a history screen crash caused by anonymous variable assignment inside a nested lambda function, inside list comprehension due to unsupported ast magic (what a mouthful).
  • Resolved an issue stemming from omitted Xray mask layer inside visit function.
  • Resolved automatic image definition incompatibility.