Devblog #5 – Edging Towards the Release Horizon


Guess what time of the month it is? Nope, not that time! It’s time for another devblog, woohoo! Hope my last entry didn’t put you into a coma. Don’t worry, this one will be short and sweet, I promise.

So, as you already know, we’ve rolled out a pre-release update for you cool beans to help us squash those pesky bugs, while we continue adding all the juicy stuff we planned for this update. Gotta say, I was expecting a ton more issues to be reported. Either our hard work paid off, or you lot are just being sneaky and not telling us everything. Time will tell, I suppose. 😅

Speaking of adding content, the recently teased Cho CG has been implemented, and I’m currently putting the finishing touches on yet another Cho CG that has not been teased yet. It’s been a nice change of pace from dealing with all the technical stuff and fixing bugs. We might post another preview, or two, before the final release to make the wait time more bearable.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “When the heck are they gonna release this update?!” Trust me, I’m wondering the same thing! 😄 But hey, no worries. I just need to implement two more scenes and tackle a couple of bugs, and then we can start wrapping things up. It should be much quicker since all the back-end changes are already finished. And guess what? Johnny has gone bonkers with Hermione content again. There’ll be loads of new stuff to explore throughout the entire game. Cool, right?

While Johnny and I are knee-deep in the current shenanigans, Boppin is already cracking on with the next update. Talk about being ahead of the game! By the time we wrap up this one, we’ll have a treasure trove of artwork to dive into. All you Luna fans out there better get ready to party, ’cause there’s gonna be some serious Luna love coming your way.

And there you have it, folks! We’ve reached the end of this week’s devblog. Nice and snappy, just like I promised. See, I can totally deliver on my word!

Until next time, stay awesome!