Progress Report

Greeting, It is I, a progress report.

This update’s content is implemented, and we are now finalizing and testing it to ensure everything works as intended. If you are here to find out about the date of the upcoming release, you’re in luck, the update will be released sometime this week. On to the main post now.

The content plan for the next update has been finalized and will include Cho, and to a smaller degree, Tonks. The last quidditch match has left everyone wanting more of Cho, and thus, we will be adding additional events explaining her story, but also more CG scenes, some of which, for the first time, will include Tonks. We don’t want to spoil the details just yet, but if you’ve been following the story, you might know what scene we’re referring to. šŸ˜‰ We will be posting previews of the scenes on our Patreon once they are ready to be revealed.

The work for future updates has already begun, our artist is already working on designing and drawing scenes for Luna, which will be the highlight of the update after Cho’s update.

We are also working on a handset of features that are popular and commonly requested on Discord such as visitable locations with the potential for having more diverse in-game events, and updated chibis for all characters, but we will talk more about it once these features are closer to completion.

We also want to draw attention to our Discord server, which is a great resource for finding more community-made mods that add additional clothing, features, and events. Check ‘Community Modifications’ section for details.

Last but not least, we want to thank one of our community members for contributing a story for Mirror of Erised, which will be included in the upcoming release.

That wraps up this report. Stay tuned and happy witch training!