Progress Report

Today, we would like to talk about the focus of the next update, and content plan for future updates. The update will focus on adding more artwork to Hermione’s storyline, but will also include new scenes, one of which we have previously teased on Patreon. The new event will include toy play, and will have multiple paths, based on Hermione’s corruption stage, her reputation, and your previous choices.
It was a while since we have done anything with Hermione’s public requests, so we have decided to expand them with new scenes and artwork. A preview of one of the scenes will be posted on Patreon sometime next week.
Thanks to your generosity, we were able to hire a full-time artist, so you can expect more artwork in this, and future updates.
We also want to let you know that we are hard at work on Cho’s post-quidditch content, which should shed some light on the events that occurred after the last quidditch match. If you’re more into the sexy stuff, we have got something(s) planned for that occasion as well.
Additionally, some of you might be happy to hear that Luna will be the focus of the next-next update. Be ready, things are about to become a little… looney. šŸ˜œ
You’ll be hearing from us soon.