Progress Report

Hello everyone.

Today’s progress report will be covering what we are working on for the next update.

The main focus of the next update will be Cho Chang and the final Quidditch match and its subsequent events. We will try avoiding spoilers, but be aware that some spoilers may still slip through.

The final quidditch events will conclude Cho’s storyline, but it won’t be an end for her character as a whole. During the events you will be able to witness Cho’s struggles and dilemmas regarding her newly discovered feelings, and how she chooses to express them to her beloved coach.

With the addition of Snape’s office in the last big update, we are now ready to start adding more locations into the game so you can expect Genie to finally leave his office more often, and with that we are also updating the map to make it more scalable, easier to navigate, and to add support for special map/location events.

The next location we’ll be adding is Madam Mafkin’s Emporium which was long overdue, it will include a fully explorable room, improved introduction events, and also upscaling her sprite and adding a chibi.

Another long awaited change is Susan’s model which has been redesigned and redrawn to ensure it’s on par with other character designs and quality. Additionally, her character will now be able to convey a wider range of emotions with the use of new facial expressions. Susan’s new clothing will include a full set of school uniforms.

If you have any specific suggestion for more casual muggle clothes for her, feel free to drop a suggestion in discord and we will pick one suggestion that will be turned into a casual set of muggle clothes for Susan.

We are also working on a very special addition to the game, but we don’t want to spoil it just yet.

We’re very pleased with how the update is turning out, and we cannot wait to show you more as we continue working on it.

We hope you all enjoyed the last update, stay tuned for more in the future.