Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.41

Potions update is now live!

This update brings a completely new visitable location, (which some of you might remember from a particular holiday event) where you will be able to brew potions using ingredients that you can buy or obtain through events, this location will also serve as Snape’s office. 

Potions, when obtained, can be given to characters (Hermione only for now). Each potion produces a different effect, and events vary based on character’s progression, previous choices, or how many times the events were replayed. Each event consists of unique writing and graphics, most of them include CG scenes (drawn by LoafyLemon).

We have also taken necessary steps to improve the game’s performance on a wider range of devices, fixing bugs and optimising the code, in order to reduce the number of issues the previous release has had.

Additionally, points and money gains have been rebalanced, in order to reduce the overall ‘grind’, as the previous balancing is no longer appropriate for the amount of content in the game. 

For example, hanging out with Snape will not only increase passive Slytherin points gains, but it also will yield a flat points bonus, allowing you to focus on the more fun aspects of the game rather than just statistics. Report writing, similarly to points, has been rebalanced to enable more playstyles.

Other improvements have been made to Hermione events and favours, including new events, fixes for older content, and general improvements to narration, or even character progression based dialogues which also include currently worn character clothing.

New Outfits have been added for Luna, Cho, and Tonks, some of them received new miscellaneous items and tattoos. New wardrobe chit-chats have also been included.

Additionally, the wardrobe has received its fair share of additions, including suggested quality of life changes, colour synchronisation, outfits randomisation, and more!

Save compatibility has finally been enabled, allowing you to continue from your save file made with any 1.40.X version, please know that this feature is still in a BETA phase, and may not work in all cases. Due to technical limitations, save files with mods enabled are not supported by saves compatibility. It is also important to note that some events included, or improved in this update will be missed if you’ve progressed past them already.

To ensure maximum save compatibility, before upgrading, please save the game in the office, when no event is currently being played.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the changelog.

Due to an extensive list of changes and our limited number of test devices, this release is considered a beta.

You can download the update from the download section.