Witch Trainer Silver – Update 1.41.2 šŸŽƒ

Good evening, everyone!

We have a prepared a mini update to celebrate the upcoming Halloween, and to give you guys something to do while we work on the next big update, witch you will be hearing about more in the upcoming month.

On top of the usual contents like bug fixes, proofreading, and improvements, this update also includes new content such as a new Halloween-themed Mirror Story starring Tonks, Cho and Luna, alongside Genie of course. The story includes several new and unique rewards such as new decorations and three very hot new outfits for the girls.

Additionally, Hermione’s Magic Collar events are back, but in a much better form than previously, as we have overhauled them completely, to include new branching dialogues, new artwork with unique design for each collar, and one completely new collar choice.

A decent amount of work was put into room decorations, to support animations, and to allow us to add them more easily to the game.

Two new cosplay outfits have been added for Cho and Luna, and a bunch of piercings have been added for Hermione as a bonus.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the changelog.